Custom Programming

PvxPlus & ProvideX Other BB’s: BBx & Throughbred C, C++, C#, Javascript, VB SQL Servers MS Office

Technical Support

PvxPlus & ProvideX Issues
OS Administration
Networking Issues


Applications Hardware Networking Security | Firewalls Compliance: ie. PCIDSS Web & Web Services


Manufacturing Distribution Warehousing Retail Fashion Oil & Gas Medical Hotel & Hospitality and many more.

OS Administration

Windows Server | Desktop Linux: All Variants UNIX: AIX | HP-UX | Solaris Virtualized Environments

30 years of experience

From the era of the IBM-PC to latest in Virtualized Data Centers, we’ve dealt with them all.

Our Customers

We provide solutions to both end-user class companies and to programming shops alike.
A large portion of our customers are programming shops who often do not have or cannot afford to permanently have a senior programmer on staff, or they need a programmer who knows how to handle concepts and coding for items they never may have come across. These programming shops come to us and get solutions allowing them to resolve their customers issues or enhance their offerings helping to drive their business forward.
All our customers receive rock-solid solutions and first-class support from our staff.
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