The HARVEST Solution

Business Management

Intra-Inter Office Messaging
Transaction Trails
Drill-down queries
Document delivery via EDI, fax, & email
Multi Branch
Multi Company
Credit review and control
Altered Cost display & tracking
Sales tax reports
Sales Analysis by Outside Salesperson, by Branch, by Customer
Customer search by code, name, and telephone
Product search by Mfgr, UPC #, house #,catalog, description, keyword & commodity code.
Sales history download
Program Sequencer (night run)
Employee Time Clock System
System wide integration
Export reports to Excel
Email Reports
Multiple sessions per PC
Extensive User/Group security control
Laser labels and forms


Fully linked Sales Order to PO
Special Order Management
Backorder selection
Central or Branch Purchasing
Dynamic Replenishment Integration
Low Inventory Notification
Pro-forma Purchasing
Special & Stock Product Labeling
Merchandise Return to Vendor System
Transfer System Integration
Vendor Expediting

Order Processing

Sales Order Entry & Inquiry
Point-of-Sale & deposit Management
Credit checking/limits
Special Order Management
Job Tracking System
Margin Calculator
Rebate (SPA) Tracking & Claims
Blanket Orders
House & customer part #s
Return Goods Management
Product Suggestions and Substitutes
Blanket customer Orders
House Tag System
Cancelled Orders Report by reason
Lost Sales Reporting
Stock Status checking

Customer Pricing

Customer/Product Price Matrix
Pricing Exceptions Hierarchy
Multi-tiered pricing
Job based pricing
Discount & Net Upload/Download
Model Account Pricing (unlimited groups)
Rebate (SPA) cost

Inventory System

Cycle Counting
Physical Inventory
Bar code Integration
Branch Transfers
Transaction Inquiries
Multi-warehouse visibility
Inventory Classes
Trade Service/Material Express/IDEA Pricing Service Integration
Product searches by catalog #, description, Keyword, & commodity code
Integration with eDATAFLEX™
Weighted Average Cost/Last Cost Paid tracking
Multiple locations for products

Financial System

Up-to-the-Minute Executive Summary
Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable
General Ledger
Financial Statements
Bank Reconciliation
Invoice Retrieval System
Sales Commission Tracking

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